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As a result of the pandemic, WCCM has turned to supporting the meditation community with a wealth of online events. We provide links to some of these.


In the midst of global suffering the World Community for Christian Meditation offers rich resources for hope and healing on the website A Contemplative Path Through the Crisis. Click on the title to access the website.

Meditation, Wellbeing and More  

Across the world, people have been, and continue to learn to live with a silent and unwelcome intruder, Covid 19 which is causing much devastation to health and well-being. So many lives lost, so many struggling with mental health concerns and long term anxiety as jobs disappear and poverty spreads. Even before the virus however, health and well-being has been an issue with obesity and mental health illnesses as two major concerns.

Our new course Meditation, Wellbeing and More is a journey that begins with an exploration of well-being and how our meditation practice allows us to overcome a significant barrier to true well-being by leaving self behind. Click on the title to access the website.

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The Christian tradition of meditating on a single sacred phrase (mantra) was revived by the English Benedictine monk, Dom John Main (1926-82) who established an ecumenical Christian Meditation Centre in London (1975) and then, with Dom Laurence Freeman OSB, founded a meditation community for religious and lay people in a Montreal monastery (1977). The World Community for Christian Meditation was formed in London (1991) and is led by Dom Laurence and a Guiding Board of international members. The community exists to communicate and nurture meditation as taught by John Main for the unity of all. This mission is achieved through a publishing company (Medio Media), an International Centre in London, a quarterly International Newsletter and the Annual John Main Seminar.

The foundation of this global community is the local meditation group, which meets weekly in homes, parishes, offices, hospitals, prisons, and colleges in over a hundred countries. The World Community sponsors retreats, seminars, lectures, and other programs, including interfaith dialogue. Information on current programs and where to find local meditation groups in South Africa can be found on this website. For information on groups, events, and news around the world, please visit the World Community’s international site, www.wccm.org. The World Community for Christian Meditation welcomes people of all faiths to join us in this shared tradition of deepening the spiritual life.

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